Sliding doors

In modern homes, the dialogue between internal and external environment is one of the main objectives of the architectural project.

  • High insulation performance
  • Shapes, dimensions, characteristics of glass, different types of opening
  • Minimal design that allows you to cover very large surfaces
  • Optimization of space thanks to the sliding of the door along a floor track, with the minimum encumbrance inside the house

These are just some of the features that allow sliding windows to let natural light to pass through your home, while allowing the external environment to merge with the internal one

Fas Serramenti is able to offer three different sliding opening solutions, bringing aesthetics and functionality together.

Sections, essences, colors and openings can be chosen by the customer, allowing to create a custom-made window that makes the environment in which it will be installed unique.

Lift & Slide doors

Available in only wood and also in wood-aluminum, it is composed by two wings: one is fix and the other one is sliding, both have the same dimension.

The opening mechanism is very simple: simply turning the handle we can lift the opening wing and the sliding system along the rails it will be activated.
NEWS: the threshold made in composite material and reinforced by the new fiber glass guarantees an optimized stability plus an increased thermal insulation which is actually a key issue for sliding door systems.

scorrevole alzante fas

Coplanar Sliding Door

Available in every section among all purposed by our FAS Wooden Windows Collection, it is composed by two wings – one fix and one openable or both openable – that slide parallel along the a metallic profile applied to the frame of the wing/door.

Some special anti-sound inserts minimize the sound produce during the closing and not to squeak during the moving of the wings.

The lower transom is devoted to reduce the protrusion on the floor in order of not to encumber the passage. It is available also in Tilt&Turn version.


fas view

A sliding door with minimal design combined with the quality and performance of a classic sliding door.

The lower transom of the fixed frame has been eliminated to enjoy large and brigth windows.

The maximum thickness of 25 mm, the pose flush to the floor and the innovative composite material of threshold Climatech, fiberglass reinforced, guarantee minimal visual impact and incredible performance.

The choice of the dimensions of the openable door and the fixed part make this sliding door adaptable to any custome’s needs.

Available with section 68x78 80x78.


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